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The artwork “Tensione” is a tribute to Megeve, materialized through a sculpture that represents the three Massifs and integrates seamlessly into the local environment, establishing a dialogue between nature and the hand of man.

“Tensione” is representative of Ramous’ period of artistic maturity. In fact, the sculptures created from 1969 onwards gradually shed the informal sensibility typical of the early 1960s. During this period, Ramous produced a series of works in rolled and welded iron.

These pieces carry futuristic reminiscences and reveal an alchemical relationship between the monumental nature of a work created in connection with urban space. Additionally, the artist expresses a desire to liberate the sculpture from the weight of the material in order to create an ethereal gesture.

Size: H300 x W120 x D75 cm

The sculpture is currently on display in front of the Palais des Sports in Megève.

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