Toupie 1000 Bleu

CHF 120,000


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“La Toupie” evokes a childhood nostalgia.

Through this piece, the artist and the observer are reminded of the experience of childhood play, where the time boundaries and restrictions cease to matter and exist. You are absorbed in the instant, in the here-and-now, all else seems to lose importance. Brimming of emotion and ambiguity, the sculpture offers the sight of mathematical time but invites the contemplation of much more: emotional time.

A time reference appears every five minutes: once you capture the instant of that minute, you are caught in it for a whole length of time and it becomes yours to experience, to get lost in. Thus, minutes and hours lose their rational significance; seizing the instant is what truly matters. Solely the emotion inscribes itself as a point of reference, leaving an undeniable mark, whilst sculpting the instant across the mass of time.

Function: Hour, minute and second indication

Materials: varnished aluminum and polished steel

Diameter: 100 cm





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